Design/Build Performance Contracting

Performance contracting reduces risks and increases value for owners:

Reduces Risk

Omni Energy Partners will optimize previous investments, leverage collective resources, and delivers quality at a competitive price.

Every year, school districts spend more on energy than on computers and textbooks combined. For many school districts, utility costs are the second largest budget expenditure behind salaries. Administrators are often unaware of how much they are overspending on their buildings due to energy inefficiencies. Performance Contracting can reveal these costs and opportunities. Performance Contracting requires measurement and verification of energy savings after installation with a guarantee for efficient outcomes. Providers are financially responsible if the systems do not perform as promised.

Performance Contracting ensures that one firm is solely accountable for the project at all times. Unlike traditional construction, owners who use Performance Contracting have one direct connection through a single company. Before quoting a project, the Performance Contracting Team must ensure that they know the project in complete detail. This thorough understanding prevents disruption and unnecessary delays. In addition, a “no change orders” guarantee eliminates the risk of going over budget.

Performance Contracting is an integrated project delivery solution that provides a link between the project’s design and implementation to ensure buildings work properly and communication flows smoothly. This is especially convenient for schools whose window of opportunity for construction projects is a narrow three summer months. Collaboration between the owner and performance contractor means that fewer items slip through the cracks and projects can be completed more quickly and efficiently.

The district casts the Vision, and the Design Build team will provide the desired outcome. The district should expect their project to be cost effective, attractive, and functional. And with NO Change Orders – Peace of Mind that there will be NO surprises.

Omni Energy Partners will assemble a team of engineers and developers to meet with the district administration and maintenance personnel to gain an understanding of the district needs. During a walk-through of the district facilities, our engineers and developers will identify system types and assess the condition and functionality of the existing equipment. Temperature and humidity measurements, along with interviews of facility staff and occupants, will help identify any building environment issues. Becoming familiar with known equipment and environmental issues and concerns sets the course for the development approach of Omni Energy Partners.

In a design-build fashion, Omni Energy Partners will collaborate with our consulting engineering team and various qualified contractor partners to determine the cost impact of equipment selections and system design. This collaborative approach will also be utilized to evaluate any value engineering opportunities and to investigate completely unique solutions that may be viable options for the District.

There are many factors that Omni Energy Partners considers with regards to Mechanical or Temperature Control additions or modifications. These factors include:

  • IAQ ventilation performance.
  • Thermal comfort performance.
  • Operating costs and energy efficiency.
  • Maintenance costs and needs.
  • Enhancement to the durability and longevity of all mechanical equipment.

Increases Value

Omni Energy Partners understands that proper HVAC system performance will enhance the production and wellness of the students, staff and public that occupy each facility daily. The District needs to intentionally evaluate ways to provide a safe and comfortable environment for each building’s occupants. This can be accomplished by optimizing building efficiencies and implementing necessary infrastructure improvements.

There has been much research on the impact of the school environment on student performance. Learning environments require optimal levels of humidity, air circulation, lighting, air ventilation, and noise. One of the benefits of performance contracting is that it improves the learning environment for students and faculty as they achieve the mission of public schools: to educate all students and promote student achievement.

One way to look at Performance Contracting is that it is a low risk, high reward investment. With actual performance guarantees made at the outset, schools that use Performance Contracting see positive cash flow from the guaranteed energy and operational savings. These savings are extremely valuable to schools in tight financial situations that are looking for ways to free up dollars in the general fund.

School districts need to balance funding options with the cost to implement the facility improvements. Owners of Omni Energy Partners have worked extensively with financial partners to provide funding instruments that generate positive results. We can arrange similar financial packages with your preferred financial partner.

Omni Energy Partners understand the importance of providing a high-quality learning environment and considers this our responsibility to the district, its students and faculty. Administrators are often unaware of how their buildings’ energy systems are performing in relation to districts of similar size. Careful and thorough planning is a key success element for each facility improvement that will be recommended to the district. Project engineers and developers from Omni Energy Partners begin the development process by accessing the condition of the district’s facilities, the building systems, and the district’s operating procedures. A detailed profile of the existing conditions will be established and utilized as the basis for the development program. This knowledge is an added value to administrators and can inform decisions about facility projects in the future.